Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking in PSD2

Corporate Banking has been launched by ICICI in Open Banking Channel. TPP can gain access to the corporate customer data through Open banking channel without any additional registration for Corporate Account Integration. TPPs who are already onboarded to ICICI for retail accounts access, they can access corporate accounts henceforth. Corporate Banking in PSD2 is adheres to Open Banking Standards, hence there is no additional changes required at TPP environment for corporate banking integration.

Through corporate banking, TPP can access the corporate customer and account details, the response parameters are similar to retail banking parameters including payment parameters except authorization information, this will be received from payment response.

We provide a test facility (sandbox) to enable you to perform functional and connectivity testing of your applications.

Summary of Technical Specification

The services available in corporate banking in PSD2 for account information services and payment initiation services are:

  • Account information services
    • Accounts
    • Balance
    • Transaction history
    • View beneficiaries
    • View scheduled payments

  • Confirmation of Funds (CBPII)
    • Confirmation of Funds

TPP can gain access to corporate accounts through open banking APIs as like retail accounts access, there is no additional integration required for corporate account access.

ICICI Corporate Banking - Sample API request and response

Request Header
Parameter content type application/json
Name Value

An Authorisation Token as per

Name Value
HTTP/1.1 200



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