What is Open Banking?

Open Banking is the brand new innovation in the UK Banking World which allows consumers to invent new accounts and payment service system.

Through this Open Banking the Banks provide the customer's accounts and payment related details to the Third Party Service Provider (TPP) via an Application Programming Interface. The TPPs use these benefits and innovate the new secured and flexible Fintech Product and Provide greater services to the Bank Customers

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Account and Transaction

The Account and Transaction API allow Third Party Service Provider (TPP) to Retrieve Account and Transaction Details once get the Authorisation for the consent along with Permission, Expiration Date time and Transaction historical details from the respective account holder. The TPP can retrieve the account and Transaction details for the Authroised accounts using this API endpoints and use it in their Website or Mobile App.

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Payment Initiation

The Payment API enables Third Party Service Provider (TPP) to make the payment behalf of our customers. The requested payment consent once approved and authorised by the customer then the payment is acknowledged for payment submission

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